Health care contacts

Joint Municipal Authority of Wellbeing in Raahe District (Raahe, Siikajoki and Pyhäjoki)

Health Information

Raahe`s Hospital
Raahe Healthcare Centre, doctor on-call 24 hours a day.
Tel. +358 8 849 111

Red Cross Finland Home page

Poisoning Emergency Centre (telephone service)
Tel. +358 9 471 977, + 358 9 4711

Doctors’ Surgeries
Tel. Raahe +358 8 849 111

School Health Care
Students can visit the school nurse confidentially and free of charge during schooldays on any health issue.

Dental Care
Raahe Healthcare Centre
Tel. +358 8 849 111

Sexually Transmitted Diseases
The local healthcare center Hospital
Venereal diseases are highly contagious, and treatment is necessary. Examination and treatment are free and confidential.

An easy HIV-test can be taken at the health centre free of charge.


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