Welcome to the website of the City of Raahe

The town of Raahe is a steely town of treasures that relies on its rich history, vibrant countryside, Old Town, nature, sea and steel industry as well as a culture of storytelling. The sum of these parts is a peculiarly attractive town, whose appeal lies in its entirety. Our precious metal is steel and our treasure is our people.”

Strategy of the City of Raahe 2017–2021.

Raahe is a perfect small town: naturally beautiful, historic and an interesting place to live, while also being a well-functioning hub of services and jobs with short distances.

Raahe is home to 24,000 residents, its job market is developing exceptionally well due to major projects and it boasts one of the lowest unemployment rates in the region of Northern Ostrobothnia. Energetic and safe, Raahe focuses on people and invests in the future – children. This is manifested, for example, in the ongoing major school construction projects as well as town planning and plots that support high-quality living.

Situated by Highway 8, Raahe offers travellers an easily accessible seaside attraction, the Raahe archipelago, which was selected as the top outdoor destination in 2016. The Old Town of Raahe is an impressive, lively and harmonious district with over 300 wooden buildings. There, time stands still yet life goes on. In the top-quality and distinctive museums, you can admire the formidable interiors and displays of the glory days of the Age of Sails as well as the oldest diving suit in the world, the Old Gentleman.