Project activity and development

The unit for project activity and development carries out projects and development tasks according to Raahe’s strategy, providing services related to the town’s vitality, labour and attractiveness. The goal is to develop Raahe into a thriving town that takes advantage of its strengths.

One of our tasks related to Raahe’s attractiveness and habitability is event production. We have produced the following events, for instance: Puluvärkki ICE, Cleaning Day, Pooki Flakkaa – Raahe Maritime Festival, Raahen Pimiät, Raahe Christmas season opening and the Kampus Christmas Market.

The project activity and development unit organises several workshops, which give trainees a chance to develop their skills, produce sample pieces of work and connect with potential employers.

More information:

  • Manager Hannele Meskus, hannele.meskus [at]
  • hanketoiminta [at]
An old two-storey building with different colours and materials for each floor.
Rantakatu 7 A, the training school of the former teachers’ college. Photograph: Anni Mämmelä.

Project activity and development
Rantakatu 7 A
FI-92100 Raahe
hanketoiminta [at]

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